Masonry involves building structures by using individual units. A masonry unit can be a brick, a concrete block, or a stone for example. This art was discovered a long time ago when people found that adding mud to the blocks made them bind to each other and could seal the walls from outside exposure. Eventually, the mud was replaced by sand and limestone paste, and later by cement.

Masonry is similar to concrete. Its compressive strength is high, but the tensile strength is low. That means they are non-elastic and brittle materials. They are both used as structural materials and have endless options to improve the aesthetics of your home or patio.

Masonry Construction Tends To Be Durable

The durability of masonry work has to do with the durability of the materials themselves. Brick, stone, and cement are all durable materials. They are resistant to fire, wind gusts, and earthquakes. With the global warming changes occurring, this may be something important to consider when planning the next project. Moreover, some insurance companies may reflect that in a lower insurance premium. 

Masonry Requires Low Maintenance

Besides durability, another big advantage of masonry work is the low maintenance it requires. Masonry materials do not break, rust, rot, or bend. Regardless of where you live, you may have noticed that most residential and commercial buildings use mason. Throughout the years you may need some maintenance to increase its durability. The following are examples of maintenance you can expect: tuckpointing, brick replacement, caulking, installation of through-wall flashing, pressure washing with the right materials, and application of high-quality water repellents. 

Masonry Can Add Function To Your Home

If you have a big yard, you should take advantage of it. Some projects are essential for safety such as retaining walls. It can be as simple as a brick wall, or it can involve some beautiful stones. In areas such as San Diego, you can see a lot of people building beautiful retaining walls to create additional value to the home. Other masonry projects are optional but can make you enjoy your home a lot more. For example, building a nice patio and/or barbecue area will make it possible to host some parties for family and friends without too much work. Californians love that and you are likely to see many having their own Saturday sunset party or Sunday brunch in their own backyard with their folks.

Masonry Can Improve Your Home Value

In some states, brick homes are valued higher than wood/drywall. Moreover, there are several exterior masonry projects that can make your home more attractive to anyone in any state. For example, building a driveway with stone pavers, as opposed to a boring concrete driveway will make your house stand out amongst the other houses in the neighborhood. Stone walls around the house or stone added to a particular wall of your house is quite trendy and catches the eye of anyone looking. A lot of houses in California are following this trend.

Some Masonry Projects Can Make Your Home Stand Out

With masonry possibilities are endless. If you have a bigger budget you may want to consider adding a fire pit to enjoy the nights outside or create intricate pathways and steps to elevate your garden. If you consider a pool, masonry work can also improve the pool deck area. Using stamped concrete or concrete staining are good examples.


There are many benefits to using masonry on your home and backyard projects. The benefit can be even more obvious if you live in California. If you drive around the Inland and San Diego areas, you can see how popular masonry San Diego projects are there. People have realized that masonry allows a resilient design with low maintenance costs and the demand for masonry can only increase in the future.