As new construction prices continue to rise due to trade tariffs & slowdown in production due to COVID-19, it’s important to be able to cut costs wherever you can.  Planning ahead and knowing what to expect can help you be efficient and save money on your dumpster bill.  Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your current home there are a ton of benefits to using a dumpster.

Using a dumpster for your construction project will add a level of cleanliness that not only makes your construction site look great, but adds value as well.  If you have one single dumpster for all your trash, debris, and scrap material, it prevents any wasted items from being left around the job site to cause issues, such as nails, lumber, scrap metal, etc.  These items can cause injury or damage to equipment if left around unsecured.

Dumpster Convenience

The convenience of having a dumpster on site is very valuable.  Some subcontractors just haul off their debris & trash each day or create big piles on the construction site and haul it all off when the job is done.  Have a single, centrally located dumpster cuts down on clean up time and haul off time.  If you use a rented roll off dumpster, you don’t have to worry about hauling the junk to the landfill.  The roll-off dumpster company has to worry about that.

Now that we’ve made the decision to rent a roll-off dumpster for your next project, let’s talk about how to prepare for the job & what to expect.

After ordering one of our dumpsters you will need to prepare your project for the delivery and drop off of the bin.  It’s important you don’t want to block any driveways or important access points for your property or any other adjoining property.  You will want to also make sure there is plenty of clearance to get the dumpster delivery truck to the location.  Try to avoid setting the dumpster on the grass.  If there is bad weather it can cause significant damage to the grass and it can sometimes get the delivery trucks stuck.  Driveways are always the easiest locations.  Hopefully, you pick a reputable company that has trained delivery drivers that will not damage your driveway or any other aspect of your home.

Once the dumpster is delivered be sure to only fill it with acceptable materials.  Be sure to check with the dumpster rental company to determine what is OK to dump and what is not OK to dump.  Also, to ensure everyone’s safety, do not fill the dumpster past the “Do Not Fill” line.  If the dumpster is overfilled, the dumpster rental company will not be able to pick it back up until the excess junk is removed from the bin.


​Once you are done with your project let the dumpster rental company know and they should schedule to come and retrieve the bin and dump the junk.  If you have filled your dumpster up, but you have not completed your project, just let them know and they should deliver another dumpster to you.  There may be an additional cost for this.

When you’re all done with the heavy lifting and all the demolition is done and all the materials and debris is removed, then the fun part can start.  Putting your house back together.